Author Jin Woon Wants You to Live a Life of Love and Happiness

Lau Jin Woon, author of "Let Your Life Shine" shares insights on living a life of love, creativity and happiness.


Lau Jin WoonBookzHub catches up with Lau Jin Woon, the author who just recently launched her book "Let Your Life Shine". Her book is filled with inspiring quotes with colorful visual backgrounds. We want to know more about what she does and why she decides to dedicate her time to publish this book. 

Note: Questions in bold are from BookzHub while Jin Woon's answer starts with JW. 

What do you do for your living?

JW: I am an Inspirational Coach &Consultant. My job is to give coaching, consulting & training via my skills and wisdom in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Chinese Astrology.

Why do you write this book? What's the event that inspired you to have the idea to write this book?

JW: I noticed lots of people nowadays are getting more burdened and easily affected by negative emotions. Or they could have lost their direction, while forgetting the truth is everyone is born with a talent and we need to love ourselves as our neighbours. So I truly hope this book can inspire people to improve themselves each day, develop a greater intention to love and a heart of gratitude too.

What is your book all about?

JW: This is a book with life inspirational quotes (based on my wisdom and life experience), complemented with beautiful pictures specially picked to match with their respective messages. I want the readers to have a better feel and visual while reading this book.

There are 2 ways to get the most out of this book:
1st - readers can choose to read from beginning to the end. 
2nd- readers can randomly pick a page and reflect upon its content. Let us see what messages they got from the Universe to guide them along in their lives.

Who is your book specially written for?

JW: I didn’t really have a specific target person in mind when I wrote this book. What I want is to uplift more people, and I hope this book is a connecting tool for me to do so effectively.

What do you hope your readers will achieve through your book?

JW: I hope this self-coaching and self-healing book can allow the readers to live with greater love, creativity and happiness each day. Also, this book is sponsored by a group of my clients-cum-friends, I would like to share my happiness with them. I truly appreciate them for the trust and support given to me.

Now that your book is published, what plans do you have for yourself or for your book?

JW: I will be conducting some talks and workshops, in which I will share more in-depth on the topic of exploring one’s inner world with effective NLP coaching skill. I want to help others to develop a strong belief system so that they find greater love, creativity & happiness in life.

Any advice do you want to give to those who wish to live a fulfilled life?

JW: Yes, I always share with my clients or students that it’s common for us as human beings to have negative thoughts or ineffective emotions sometimes… and how to deal with this negative feeling is something I would love to share with everyone, with simple steps as follows:

1) Take a deep breath (Inhale with love & light. Exhale to release any negative thoughts & ineffective emotions) until you feel totally relaxed & at peace.

2) Thanks to the emotions (stress, fear, victim, anger, blame & etc.) that serve as an angel to give you a signal of awareness to deal with your inner world.

3) Give yourself a powerful affirmation*. For example:

  • ‘I love you, ______ (your name)’
  • ‘Universe loves you & is supporting you’
  • ‘Everything will be okay, everything is fine’
  • ‘I plant beautiful seeds of love in life each day’
  • ‘I know something great and wonderful is about to happen in the right timing’

*Allow these positive self-affirmation messages to enter your subconscious mind. They develop a strong and powerful belief system, for a greater love, happiness & resourcefulness in life, as you would act according to what you believe.

4) Focus back on effective questions & positive messages to provide you with solutions. For example:

Personal Development:

  • What have I learned from this event?
  • How would I love myself more every day?
  • Why is it so important to do this (your motivational drive)?

Work / Business:

  • What are the things that truly inspire me that I could link to my job?
  • How could I deliver the task in ways I feel are comfortable, effective & win-win?
  • How could I leverage various resources effectively?


  • What could I observe, e.g. his / her positive intention to act on this matter?
  • How could I love in ways ‘both of us’ (family, lover, friends) feel comfortable?
  • What could we do to give enough space & freedom in love?

5) Always feel gratitude every moment (past, now & future). You can feel better by visualizing moments of gratitude. Ask yourself, "How could I love myself and move on with a heart of gratitude?"


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Let Your Life Shine


About the Author: 

Lau Jin Woon is an inspirational coach & consultant. She graduated with an MBA degree. She was formerly a Business Development Manager with good performance in a reputable insurance company. Throughout the years, she has developed her multiple talents and experiences in Chinese Metaphysics and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Her extensive service is benefited by both individuals and corporate clients.

Today, Jin Woon has added value and inspired thousands of people. She truly believes that everyone is born with a gift. Her mission is to share good and effective wisdom to uplift more people in creating a beautiful life.

For more information, please visit her Facebook page here


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